Whiskey & Beer (For the Love of)


Whisky & Beer (for the love of)

By D.M. Blackthorn & Irving the Dwarf

C                                 Gm             Bb                       F

We traveled over the mountains in search of our true loves
C                           Gm                        Bb                   F

At length we came to a bar room, aye, we stumbled into the pub
C                                    Gm                              Bb                                    F

After many troubles and world-weary miles, the end of our quest was near
C                         Gm                        Bb                F

See, we traveled over the mountains for the Whisky & the Beer!

For the Whiskey! “Whiskey!” Whisky & Beer!
And the Beer! “the Beer!” Whisky & Beer!
Aye, the Whiskey! “Whiskey!” Whiskey & Beer!
And the Beer! “Beer!” For the love of Whiskey & Beer!

We ordered up from the barkeep, but he moved – nay, not an inch!
”Lay down ye silver,” quoth he, that greedy black hearted bitch!

We had, no, ne’er any money, being deserters from the war

But we were prepared to die in battle – for the Whiskey! And the Beer!


We armed ourselves as befitting grim-faced dwarfs of war

We grabbed up those hammers and axes, though the barkeep knew not what for

We laid into the bastard, and the fray had truly begun

We were so close we could smell our true loves, and we would not be kept from them –

From the Whiskey!….(Chorus)