Blackthorn the Goblin Bard plays the Tiny Minotaur Tavern in ATX

KARTH, NEAR THE RIFT – Blackthorn the Goblin Bard, the most famous goblin bard in nearly every dimension, plays the Tiny Minotaur Tavern, just through the Rift of Karth, and dimension portal-able via Austin, Texas. Blackthorn is the re-manifestation of Mr. Ps. Goblegblix, founder of thee Hobo Gobbelins, serenading adventurers and tavern patrons as solo bard nearly every Saturday in 2024. Check the Tiny Minotaur website for more details:

Traveling Unseelie creatures are welcome to sit in, email hobogoblin (at) hobogoblins (dot) com to catch the dark on that, cutter.