the Snake Bandit

The Snake Bandit

By Amber Amnesia

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the Snake Bandit Chart, arr. Dylan Blackthorn.

Sour Mash Hug Band “Paper Bag Album”:

From Amber & Chains “Music in a Cave”:

This tune has no lyrics, but does have a story that the music represents, which should be recited before or after the tune is played.  This is how I remember the tale – I know this story to be true, because I know the very beautiful, and very cold-hearted woman in the story, and she told it to me, swearing it is true.

Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful and very cold-hearted woman.  A young man fell in love with this woman, and tried everything to win her over, to no avail.  One day, he heard in the market a rumor that there was one thing this woman loved, and it was other cold-hearted and cold-blooded creatures, like her: serpents, eels, snakes, lizards, reptiles, and their kin.  Inspired by this hint at what the object of his affection might desire as a gift, the young man scoured the countryside, capturing and ensnaring every writhing, cold-blooded creature he could find.  After an entire day, he approached the very beautiful and very cold-hearted woman’s threshold, brandishing a writhing, slithery, and fanged bouquet of sorts.  Truly, she did love the bouquet.  But she still didn’t care for him.