z Lyrics only Cobbled Together

shake them rattlesnake rattles, rattle them skeleton bones

shake that old jaw rattle, rattle ‘em tin can stones

stompdown boots on a floor board, rocking horse people on chairs

hopped up & jumped out the window

rockabilly falling down stairs



bid farewell to shoestring sally, leaving on an eastbound train

hitched up with boxcar lilly, never coming back again


9-6-3 my goose drank tea, monkey chewed some gum

& it was sugar free, everything was just about as nice as it could be


keep it all cobbled together from a rag on bone

stitched up & patchworked together

cut throat jagged old frankenstein scars

snaggletoothed gobbelin smile

oh! strut around rooster tail, wicked old talon on bone

bloody old butterfly, flick of the wrist

& the dirty old deed is done




wine for the goose, shake your caboose

get tight honey, get loose, monkey chewed tobacco & he’s spitting the juice


keep it all cobbled together, brick & mortar & stone

spikes & nails & iron rails, rattlin’ skeleton bones

howl howl like a banshee, blow those whistles & steam

here comes the old top hatter, filigree pocket watch chain




3-6-9 the goose drank wine, the monkey chewed tobacco on the streetcar line

the line broke, the monkey got choked & they all went to heaven in a little row boat