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Mama had a baby, it was 1932

She didn’t have much money & she didn’t  know what to do

Papa was a railroad man & seldom was he seen

From living rambling on the rails of locomotive steam.


Late at night, she did lay awake & cry

Once she even prayed to God to take the babe away

Little did she know it was not God that heard her prayers

But the ears of the gobbelins hiding down below.


What of that horrid changeling thing they left to take its place?

Seething, leering, teething grin, purple eyes & greenish skin

Claws for baby fingernails, talon baby toes

Wisps of reddish auburn hair & baby beak-like nose

And if it were not queer enough to bring these things to mention

The slyly pointed spriggan ears might gather your attention


What happened to that baby taken where the gobbelins go?

Stealthily they steal away to caverns down below.

Down to goblin barter town, swap meat market underground

In a cave a tavern and a dungeon down below,

There you’ll hear the wailing sounds, in those caverns underground

Here’s what happened to the babe down where the goblins go

Fed on wax & vilest ichor, scraps of leather, slugs of liquor

Pinch the cheeks & tweak the nose, scuff the knees & stub the toes

They pulled the arms & ears so long that now the child is tough & strong

Though dirty feet & beat up face have lost their fair & pippin grace