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Round & round the gobbelins go! drink the gobbelin potion

Gooble gobble gooble gobble, drink the potion down!


1 sip of this gobbelin potion, fill you up with vigor

Strength & virile energy from your head down to your toes

1 nip of this elixir assures to satisfy

Then you’ll know what we all know


1 sip of this gobbelin potion & you may want another!

Another sip is sure to leave you charmed.

If you’ve had a sip or 2 & you now thirst for more,

I tell you there’s no need to be alarmed,

there’s plenty!!


See the world thru lime colored glasses

Yer ankles will sprout wings!

Sing & dance for 6 days straight

& you’ll be seeing things!

Dangling from the power line

A faery cuts you down

But just before you hit the ground,
You’ve found.. you’re..

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