the Obelisk

The Obelisk by Professor Plague

All rights retained by the composers and songwriters.

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We’ve been watching you since the Obelisk
We don’t think the same way about time
But if you knew just how long it’s been
You’d probably lose your mind

We’re the apple you bite in each age
Dreaming riddles of fire and steel
Build a temple and a citadel
And the endless grinding wheel

Gather all your people close at hand
Make this place of stone and death expand
Then it grows by eating what’s outside
Turns water into sand and empties every hand
For you and I

We dance between raindrops
We rule the World Below
The sunlight, ancient enemy
We wait in halls of stone

Every secret of the powerful
Relates to our big plan
Each black cloud from your factories
Is a gift to Lizardmen

And now we usher in the Age of Steam
Choking smoke blows forth from our machine
And from the engine room there comes a cry:
“The fire’s burned too long, there’s nothing to throw on
But you and I”

by Thee Hobo Gobbelins v.2.0: